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NuClear Makeup started out when Erica Putis’ love of makeup collided with her growing distaste for how we have grown so accustomed to putting so many chemicals on our skin.  With the knowledge that came with being a makeup artist, she knew that what goes on our bodies doesn’t just stay there, it penetrates deep into our largest organ we have… Our skin!!

There were so few options available, that Erica decided to start experimenting with creating her own skin care and makeup products.  The outcome of this experiment is NuClear Makeup!  Each flavor is made in small batches and handmade.  She started out making lip balm and is continuously trying and testing new products, so be sure to check back to see what new inventions are popping up!

We are also super proud to be showcasing short stories from different people for each flavor, sometimes even including an illustration from the writer!  We will be rotating them occasionally so if you are interested in writing for us please feel free to contact us at nuclearmakeup@gmail.com.  As payment you will get a selection of lip balms for free and we will post any website or info you want associated with you to help you on your journey.  We love creativity and want to support is as much as possible.  Yay for team work!!


Owner/creator Erica Putis

If you want to learn more about Erica Putis and all of her projects feel free to check out ericaputis.com


So exciting!!  I was interviewed by Brian at ArtguideSD.com!! You can check out the interview here:  http://artguidesd.com/the-renaissance-woman-an-interview-with-erica-putis/


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