Amber Love

Amber Love Perfume Oil

Amber Love

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Original Story By Tracy Penders:

Amber was born with a special and unique ability. When she went to sleep at night, instead of dreaming she traveled through time, returning home again when she woke. She couldn’t control it and didn’t want to – it was too much fun seeing things other people only got to read about. She always tried to remember one important rule, though; change nothing. Even the smallest shift could change the future, the present as she knew it. So she was careful, always careful, but accidents do happen.

She fell asleep one night, and woke to a land of gigantic proportions. The ground shook and as she looked for the source, she saw massive dinosaurs plodding through tall grasses, reaching well above her head. She wandered through the steamy forest of night, careful of the flora and fauna which could be damaged by her a careless step, but she missed one vitally important detail… the delicate anklet carrying a heart shaped charm which she had worn since childhood suddenly wasn’t there anymore. It slipped off and dropped into the resinous sap oozing from a nearby tree. She didn’t notice it had gone until she wakened in her own bed the following morning. She worried a little at first, but decided it couldn’t have changed much – it was just one little heart shaped charm on a silver chain.

Amber had all but forgotten the anklet until she saw something years later. She was watching the news and caught a story about an unusual discovery. Archaeologists had discovered a piece of ancient amber which held what looked to be a heart shaped charm at its center. She smiled to herself knowingly, and silently wondered what that little heart had seen over the last few millennia.


Story by Tracy Penders