Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon Toast Perfume Oil - $15 (Free Shipping!)
Cinnamon Toast Perfume Oil – $15 (Free Shipping!)
Cinnamon Toast Soft Lip Cream -$10 (Free Shipping!)
Cinnamon Toast Soft Lip Cream -$10 (Free Shipping!)

Cinnamon Toast

Items available for purchase in this delicious flavor include:

Soft Lip Cream – $10 (Free Shipping!)

Perfume Oil – $15 (Free Shipping!)

Original Story and Illustration By Pati Putis:

There once was this girl named Stephanie.  Even though she went on many dates, her love life always seemed to dwindle.  Most of the guys she met wanted to be just good friends. She was very attractive, kind and smart but obviously something was missing.

How could she find the man of her dreams and become more than a friend.  She started researching information on the Internet and found that cinnamon increases the appetite, both physical and sexual. It arouses women and men, but the smell seems to really get men going. She thought, “This is what I need to do – incorporate cinnamon into my love life.”

A week later she met Dan from an online dating site.  Their first meet-up date went well.  He had everything she wanted – looks, personality, good job and more.  They talked on the phone for several days, and then he asked her if she wanted to go on another date.  She quickly agreed and invited him to her apartment for a mid-afternoon snack.

As he walked through her door, the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon toast seemed to permeate the air.  He started inhaling the delicious aroma with a twinkle in his eye. “Are you hungry,” she asked. “Mmmm, yes, what do I smell?”  “I made some fresh sourdough bread and lightly toasted it, covering it with soft creamy butter and fresh cinnamon.  Want some?” “Sure,” he said.


They sat together on the couch and slowly started to consume a large plate of cinnamon toast accompanied with some hot coffee.  Dan had never tasted anything so delicious and started smiling broadly.

“This toast is fantastic,” he said.  “Thank you,” Stephanie replied.  Then he slowly started to move closer to her on the couch, lovingly looked into her eyes and said, “I am so glad we met.” She shyly smiled back with soulful eyes as he slowly moved in and gently kissed her on her cinnamon lips.

Stephanie had finally found her true love thanks to Cinnamon Toast, and they lived happily ever after.


– Story and illustration by Pati Putis