Coconut Cream

Creamy Coconut Soft Lip Cream - $10 (Free Shipping!)
Creamy Coconut Soft Lip Cream – $10 (Free Shipping!)

Coconut Cream

Items available for purchase in this delicious flavor include:

Soft Lip Cream – $10 (Free Shipping!)

Original Story and Illustration by Ella Brambeer:

I watched the sun going down. A light breeze tickled my face. I just wanted to go home when I heard a faint sound. I followed the sound to a tree I had never seen before. It was so tall I couldn’t see where it ended. In the tree were little openings. I looked in one and saw tiny little creatures that had turtle shells on their backs. But they weren’t turtles. They were hard at work and didn’t notice me. I tapped one on its shell and asked, “What are you doing?” Suddenly the little creatures hid in every nook and cranny they could find. Except for one. I quickly scooped him up in my hands and said, “Don’t be afraid. I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to know what you’re doing.”

Woompa Loomps

The creature was trembling. Its big round eyes were emerald green. “Are you a Skinky?” it asked in a high voice. “No,” I said. The creature sighed, “Thank goodness. The Skinkies are constantly trying to steal our coconut milk. We are the Woompa Loomps and we are like the bees to the flowers. But we don’t collect nectar, we collect coconut milk.”

Suddenly I noticed the wonderful scent coming from the giant tree. It smelled like a tropical dream, like diving from a high cliff into sparkling water under a bright sun. The warm, luscious smell made me feel like I was bathing in a whirlpool of cream. Above me, I noticed that the tree was not only full of coconuts, but colorful parrots pecking small holes into each one to drain the milk into a pool below. When they saw I meant them no harm, the other Woompa Loomps had come out of their hiding places and gone back to work. There were hundreds of them, now churning the pool into a creamy, foamy froth.

A screech came from behind me. The Woompa Loomps cried out, “The Skinkies are coming. Run!” But when I turned around, I saw that the “scary” Skinkies looked like mini skunks with monkey tails. And they were no taller than my shoe. I shouted, “Leave the Woompa Loomps alone,” and I grabbed a Skinky by the tail and flung him into the bushes. The rest ran away and were never seen again. And I was the hero of the Woompa Loomps.


– Story and Illustration by Ella Brambeer


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