Creamsicle Sunrise

Creamsicle Sunrise Soft Lip Cream

Creamsicle Sunrise

Items available for purchase in this delicious flavor include:

Soft Lip Cream – $10 (Free Shipping!)

Original Story and Illustration by Jose Zuazua:



Astrid & Wendy were in the prime of their early-teens. That made them the coolest girls around. All the boys had crushes on them, all the girls wanted to be their friends. They were nice, had a sense of humor and were always respectful to their elders.

Their favorite thing to do was ride their bicycles to the store, eat popsicles and play the video games that sat near the entrance. On one particular Friday during that Summer of 92, Astrid noticed a new popsicle in the freezer:  the “Creamsicle.” The packaged described it as “a soft blend of orange and vanilla cream.”

That combination sounded like the greatest thing to her. Wendy also enjoyed the sound and purchased two: one for her and one for her best friend Astrid. Curious, Wendy opened hers up right away.

The expression of joy on her face convinced Astrid that the “Creamsicle” was to be cherished. So she decided to ride her bike back home (after saying “Goodbye” to Wendy, of course) and save it for her favorite part of the day:  Morning.


Astrid rode her bike, which she nicknamed “Nuclear”, home as fast as she could, to avoid the Creamsicle from melting. Once there, she zipped up the stairs, gave a friendly wave to her Parents and put the desert in the fridge.  She would resume daily life, anticipating the enjoyment while falling asleep later on.

5:30am came around, activating Astrid’s alarm clock. She stayed in her pj’s and ran to the freezer, much to her Parent’s shock.  She didn’t explain why she was awake, she just knew that she had to beat the Sun.

Once outside, she sat down on her porch and stared out at the horizon. The dark night sky turned purple, then started turning blue. She unwrapped the “Creamsicle” and enjoyed it as the Sun rose over her. It was the greatest thing she had ever tasted during the most beautiful moment her eyes had ever witnessed.

That was then.

Now it’s 2003.

Astrid and Wendy are about to go on stage and play their rock n roll music.

“Ladies and Gentleman! On your feet! Put your hands together for “CREAMSICLE SUNRISE!!!”


-Story and Illustration by Jose Zuazua