Garden Basil

Garden Basil Soft Lip Cream small

Garden Basil

Items available for purchase in this delicious flavor include:

Soft Lip Cream – $10 (Free Shipping!)

Original Story and Illustration by Ulrike Brambeer:

“Oh, what shall I do, what shall I do??” cried the little long-nosed dwarf. “What can it be?”, he murmured, opening the heavy kitchen door with his spindly fingers. When he finally reached the fire, he threw himself desperately on the ground and buried his ugly head in his hands. “Oh, I don’t know. I never will. And I’ll remain in this misshapen body forever!”

“What is it you don’t know?” said a little voice close to his ear. When he looked up, he saw the white goose he had bought at market this morning, looking intently into his eyes. “Can you speak, my little goose?” he said, “How come?” “I am Mimi”, said the bird, “the daughter of a mighty wizard who was defeated by a mightier witch. It was she who turned me into a goose as a punishment for my father.”

“Oh, little Mimi, then we have something in common,” said the dwarf. “I am also not what I seem. My name is Jakob. An old hag turned me into a gnome because I insulted her. If I don’t find a special herb before the next full moon, I will have to stay like this forever!”

“You still have one more day. Is there no hope?” asked the goose.

“None, dear Mimi,” said the dwarf. “I have tried every herb I know.”

“Oh, but I think I know what the secret herb is,” said the goose, “My father taught me many things. It is an herb of the sweetest aroma and most tender leaf. I can show it to you, if you want.”

Garden Basil Illustration Ulrike

Hearing that, the dwarf’s eyes brightened and he took the goose into his arms. “The garden basil,” said the goose, “is altogether delicate. Take me to the shade of the ancient trees. There it will grow.” And indeed it did. When the dwarf picked it and held it to his pointy nose, he smelled the most wonderful fragrance that filled his whole being with joy. Suddenly, his neck began growing and his nose got smaller, his bones stretched themselves to normal height and his heart widened with love for the world.

“Oh, but you are a handsome young man, Jakob, not a long-nosed dwarf anymore,” said the goose.

“I feel the spell is finally broken,” said Jakob, “and all thanks to a little basil – and you, dearest Mimi. Let me take you back to your father’s home. He will be able to turn you into a young woman again, I’m sure.” And so Jakob and Mimi went away together, never forgetting to season their lives with the most beautiful herb, the garden basil.


– Story and Illustration by Ulrike Brambeer


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