Peppermint Cookie

Peppermint Cookie Soft Lip Cream - $10 (Free Shipping!)
Peppermint Cookie Soft Lip Cream – $10 (Free Shipping!)

Peppermint Cookie

Items available for purchase in this delicious flavor include:

Soft Lip Cream – $10 (Free Shipping!)

Original Story and illustration by Bryan Johns:

Deep within the woods, in an unknown forest region in Europe, there lived a gnome by the name of Slumpas.

Slumpas resided in a sheltered little nook, carved out of the root of a very large tree with a hole at the top that provided ventilation for his little oven.  For you see, Slumpas had developed a talent for healing people with baked goods.

Besides being so absolutely delicious, his cookies and muffins and scones had a magical property that could heal most minor ailments that plague any little person or gnome.  When asked about what the magical ingredient was, Slumpas would always reply that all it took was pure love and a little bit of sugar.  Obviously us skeptics would smirk and giggle at such a simple, patronizing answer, but the gnome sure knows how to bring a pastry together.

Slumpas Large

One day, a young gnome by the name of Lillycup was skipping through a well worn trail, carefree and with a stuffed rabbit in tow.  At one point she decided that she is feeling a bit peckish, so she floated over to a patch of plant with pretty purple flowers in full bloom.  Lillycup, being too young to be able to discern the difference in plants, but also being a gnome with a compelling nature to eat brightly colored vegetation, decided that this velvety morsel of a flower must be consumed as soon as possible.

So after her third stalk, stem, and flower, Lillycup realized that she was feeling quite drowsy and ill.  She decided that she must get home to her mother as soon as possible.  Scrambling back home on her little legs, Lillycup barely made back. Upon walking across the threshold of her family’s little Gnome-Palace, Lillycup collapsed right at the front door.

Lillycup’s mother was in a panic.  Immediately, she ran to Slumpas and told him that she must have eaten something poisonous.  Slumpas dropped his cat shaped cookies that he was baking at the time, and ran to Lillycup.  Slumpas discovered that Lillycup had eaten Pennyroyal, which is deadly to gnomes. The only antidote is peppermint, and Slumpas’ secret ingredient.

So Slumpas dispatched all of his pet mice and swallows to find peppermint.  As the day turned to dusk, one of Slumpas’ mice returned with some peppermint.  Slumpas immediately got to work, baking some peppermint cookies for Lillycup.

They must have been perfect, because once Slumpas brought his cookies over to Lillycup’s bedside and fed her a few bites, she perked right up! Lillycup bounded out of her bed, so full of energy, refreshed of the toxins that occasionally come out of the Earth.

So let it be known that peppermint cookie, while not the solution to all of your problems, will help give you strength, as long as you also have that secret ingredient to pair it with.


– Story and illustration by Bryan Johns


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