Touch of Ginger

Touch of Ginger Perfume Oil - $15 (Free Shipping!)
Touch of Ginger Perfume Oil – $15 (Free Shipping!)
Touch of Ginger Soft Lip Cream - $10 (Free Shipping!)
Touch of Ginger Soft Lip Cream – $10 (Free Shipping!)

Touch of Ginger

Items available for purchase in this delicious flavor include:

Soft Lip Cream – $10 (Free Shipping!)

Perfume Oil – $15 (Free Shipping!)

Original Story and Illustration by Erica Putis:

Once upon a time there was a fair beautiful princess named Ginger, who had flowing red hair and a quiet laugh.  She was always wandering through the outskirts of her palace in the nearby forests singing and dancing.  Ginger had everything her heart could desire except for one thing.  She wanted a spice that could make her taste buds dance with joy while feeling a soft fire burn in her that resembled the color of her hair.

She searched high and low in the forests and had almost given up, when one day a small squirrel tugged at the bottom of her flowing dress.  When she looked down, the squirrel said, “I have what you are looking for…”  Ginger was so excited she followed the squirrel to the edge of the forest but got apprehensive once she saw she would have to go through the Dark Evergreens to get this elusive spice.  The Dark Evergreens were known for their lurking evils and trembling trees.  It was not a place she had ever gone before.  The squirrel said, with wise eyes, “One does not truly grow if they never leave their comfort zone.”

Touch Of Ginger Illustration

Ginger really did want to find this exotic spice and wanted to be strong and not fear the unknown.  She took a deep breath and stepped into the forest.  The moment she entered the Dark Evergreens, everything changed colors from dark greens and blacks to bright yellows and golds.  Her eyes were opened to a new wonderful land where the cream colored birds were playing on the soft whispering wind, while lilies danced to their songs.  Right in front of her she saw a beautiful golden root… She knew right away without even smelling it that this was the spice she had been looking for all of her life.

She picked it up and the squirrel said, “My dear, you have found what you are looking for.  It will give you strength, health and a feisty happy heart.  You have found this spice because you had the courage to look outside of yourself and be open minded.  Things aren’t always as they look.  Be sure to keep this lesson dear to heart and you will live a long and happy life.  Now go, Princess Ginger, and let this spice make your senses come to life!!”

With those wise words, the Princess ran home, embraced the root and its deeper meaning and whenever she touched another person she would pass on… the Touch of Ginger.


– Story and Illustration by Erica Putis


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